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Life Coaching

Our Life Coaching can really help you to achieve the right work/life balance that you have worked for.

You’ve excelled in your professional life, and you’re very proud of the tangible benefits your career success has given to your family. You may sometimes feel, however, that you’re spinning many plates and you may wonder if your responsibilities and commitment to your career bring too heavy a toll on your work/life balance.

Life coaching provides a safe platform for you to review where you’ve been, where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Life coaching will allow you to analyse and prioritise your goals, formulating a plan that adjusts the balance between home and work.

Are you at a crossroads, unsettled from the nagging feeling there’s more to life than deadlines? Would now be a good time to take stock of how to:

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Our Life Coaching can help you make the right decisions to create a work/life balance for the benefit of you and your family - sign in to download your free e-book on work / life balance now or contact us for further information.

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Angela is an excellent coach, able to challenge and support a client to achieve their desired goal. She is very experienced in her coaching abilities, able to apply a variety of coaching tools and skills, which effectively motivate and direct the client.  Angela is passionate, intelligent and highly motivated. I cannot recommend Angela highly enough in this arena and I am sure you won't be disappointed!

Dr Mo Gnanalingham, NHS

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