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Management Coaching during organisational closure - case study

Management Coaching
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  • Coaching Operations and Team Managers from multiple sites in a complex call centre operation through the 6 months until closure.


  • Following chemistry meetings, I started to coach 12 managers during a period of profound change.  The assignment started at a time when the organisation, though facing closure, was in negotiations to TUPE staff across to a new provider.  Within two months, negotiations fell through and my clients were told they and their teams would be made redundant by the end of March.
  • Organisational goals for this project were:
  • Identify and take actions that feel best for you to lead team members during this challenging period.
  • Develop additional leadership skills you see as important to this part of your career, and increase confidence in these.
  • I contracted with each client around their own and their Managers’ goals.  Goals included sustaining own motivation; team motivation and continuing to deliver business as usual during this period.  As the programme unfolded, additional goals around career steps and job search were raised.
  • We met virtually every 4 weeks for two hour sessions.
  • I created an online folder for each client with a tailored portfolio of materials.  Between sessions, clients could contact me for ‘laser’ coaching; much of this was in terms of email coaching on LinkedIn profiles and CV’s.
  • Team climate indicators and 360° reports greatly enhanced progress and sustained energy and motivation, as well as highlighting transferable leadership skills.


  • The business continued to deliver their KPI’s, despite looming closure.
  • Clients rated their progress from start to finish:
  • Organisational goals from average 45% to average 90%
  • Attainment of personal goals from 47% to 90%
  • Series average client ratings on my level of support, challenge and focus on their goals was 96%.
  • Series average client ratings of their commitment to implementing their action points and continuing with coaching at 96%.
  • Impact on Teams.  A team climate survey, involving 100 team members, conducted over the period of the programme to gain an understanding of the impact of the managers’ behaviours on their teams showed a significant positive shift in all categories.

Sample Client Comments

“Angela provided some career coaching for me as I started to prepare for redundancy. I was so impressed with the help and support she gave me, after a short course of 4 sessions I felt totally prepared to face the next chapter. Angela was consistently supportive, understanding and knowledgeable, she presented challenging new ideas for me to think about and gave me a framework on which to develop all of my new ideas and potential”. Team Manager

“Angela is a dedicated and supportive coach who encouraged me to realise my potential. I am more aware of my own attributes now and definitely have increased self -belief. Angela was efficient, and took the time to thoroughly read the documentation I sent, which allowed our time together to be very productive. Thanks for the time and support Angela, it is greatly appreciated” Operational Project Lead

“Angela's skills and expertise has enabled me to enhance the way in which I manage my staff. She has a friendly and professional manner and provides me with the tools and knowledge to increase my own skills by enabling me to think in a different way. I always look forward to our coaching sessions immensely. What an amazing coach - thank you Angela”  Team Manager