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Our Team Building packages - creating effective teams

Our Team Building will help you deliver your targets through the teams you manage -  successful teams are identified by four critical success factors.

  1. Does your team always deliver the results you need from them?
  2. Do others always say positive things about your team that reflect well on you, as leader?
  3. Are you confident your team focuses their energy on what really matters?
  4. Do your team members enjoy their time together, as well as proving productive?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, our team building and coaching will work with your team, whether new or established, to improve the way they work together, bringing improved results and increasing the enjoyment of their working lives.

Our team building coach has worked with scores of teams, including: board level teams; directors and their teams; fast stream teams; as well as cross-functional teams, including directors and their negotiating partners from various trade unions; and a national steering group.

A unique measure of our team building coach’s success is that several of her clients, upon promotion, invite her to coach their new teams. Her record in delivering team building is currently tied between three separate clients who have asked her to coach four successive new teams apiece.

Do you want your team to achieve more? Our team building can help, especially when coupled with our Emotional Intelligence coaching. Top people outperform the average by 130%. Emotional intelligence accounts for 80% of the difference.

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Our Team Building and coaching will help to create an effective team for the benefit of your business. If you want to find out more, contact us.

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Role Call has worked as a strategic partner with Angela Sabin since 2005, for a wide range of Public sector clients, for example: HMRC, HSE, The Crown Prosecution Service and NHS.  Throughout our long association, I have always been impressed by Angela's ability to create a successful team that works efficiently and effectively for each individual client. She understands completely how teams work and what motivates and inspires them. I have worked alongside Angela as she has coached individuals within team building programmes and have greatly admired her skill in helping people develop their potential - she is one of nature's great enablers.  

Debbie Manship, Owner, Role Call

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